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INERCO carried out a safety study for the plugging project of 14 oil wells in the Pánuco area (Mexico)

INERCO México carried out a safety study for an important project in the oil & gas sector in the country. INERCO’s safety experts have developed the risk analysis for the hydrocarbon sector of the plugging project of a total of 14 oil wells in the contractual area of ​​Pánuco (State of Veracruz).

This project, carried out by PETRO SPM, responds to the regulatory requirements established by the Security, Energy and Environment Agency (ASEA) and has had the expert support of INERCO to guarantee its correct development from the point of view of safety, as well as equipment and assets.

According to Sara Landon, manager of INERCO Mexico, this project in the consulting area “reinforces PETRO SPM’s confidence in INERCO in recent times, for relevant projects that strengthen our commercial ties, while reinforcing our references in the oil & gas field. in Mexico, where INERCO has been operating for more than two decades for different companies”.


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The Author

Sara I. Landon

Sara I. Landon

Gerente de INERCO Consultoria México