INERCO draws up the environmental impact statement for the Caspiche mining project in the Atacama Region

The Environmental Assessment Service of the Atacama Region accepted the processing of the Environmental Impact Declaration (EID) prepared by INERCO for the Caspiche mining exploration, which, together with the neighboring Cerro Casale Project, is one of the largest gold and copper veins of the untapped world.

The project, run by GoldCorp, is part of a set of works and measures that aim to minimize the geological uncertainties associated with the concentration of minerals in the area in order to establish a future mining plan in the Caspiche sector. To this end, about 350 platforms will be built, in which reverse circulation and/or diamond-like drills will be developed.

This project, whose investment amounts to 75 million dollars, is based on conducting mining prospecting programs in the sector of Caspiche, located a few kilometers from the border with Argentina, through drilling to determine and quantify the mineral reserves of potential economic interest and that, eventually, may give rise to a mining development project.

Additionally, a camp with a maximum capacity of 200 workers is required for the completion of these operations, to providing lodging, food and hygiene services to those laborers throughout the estimated duration of the project.


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César Escobar Merino

César Escobar Merino

Gerente general INERCO Consultoria Chile